CLEANING - All full face masks, breathing apparatus, and scuba sets are cleaned with an antibacterial product. The equipment is cleaned at a temperature of 50°C to ensure that it will be thoroughly disinfected without causing any damage. All cleaned full face masks, breathing apparatus, and scuba sets are subsequently dried in an industrial drier and, after being tested, immediately vacuum sealed and returned to the customer.

TESTING - After cleaning, the full face masks are first subjected to a visual test and then tested on our fully automated test rig. Two parameters are of crucial importance to this process: the leak-tightness of the mask and the opening pressure of the exhalation valve.. After the test the mask is provided with a certificate to guarantee the problem-free operation of the mask.

REPAIR - In the event that any components of the mask, breathing apparatus or scuba set are damaged or if the prescribed life expectancy has been exceeded we can replace any parts as required.
Our people have been trained at various mask manufacturing companies (e.g. MSA, Dräger) and have obtained the required certificates to ensure that your equipment will be repaired to your full satisfaction. Following repairs full face masks are provided with a test report, so that you will know exactly what has been replaced. We keep full records of every full face mask.

RENTAL - You can hire full face masks, breathing apparatus and scuba sets from us. Please feel free tocontact us for more information. We can also offer you a comprehensive maintenance package: rental, maintenance, repairs, etc. (for more information see MTCS).