Safety masks are often used in dangerous situation: when there is a risk of breathing in dangerous fumes, chemicals, substances that cause irritation and so forth. It is of vital importance that a full face mask functions perfectly at all times and is kept in tip-top condition.
To ensure the problem-free operation of your full face mask it is absolutely essential that it is cleaned and tested at least once a year (inspection using a test rig).
If the tests show that specific components of a mask are not functioning properly the mask must be repaired and re-tested.
Not only do the relevant safety regulations need to be observed, there are also hygiene standards to which a full face mask must comply, particularly EN 136 and EN 140. Simply using a face mask is enough to cause bacteria to flourish inside the mask. This is why thorough cleaning and disinfection is recommended after every use of a full face mask. Even if you do not use your full face mask, it is essential that you have it cleaned and tested once a year.

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